Why You Should Have Knee Pads For Skating

knee pads for skating

Knee pads for skating are very important when you’re doing your winter sports activities. It’s fine. Not in a clinical test-room sort of way; but it is what we would normally say. (But not ‘ice-skiing’!)

Knee pads are also in the game of ice hockey. Hockey players wear them because they do protect their body parts from injury in case there’s an accident and fall on the ice. And the sport is played outdoors on concrete and frozen surfaces. If they don’t get protection for their knees, they might end up with torn muscles or damaged joints in that particular area.

Ice skaters too need to wear knee pads but to a lesser degree. They mostly do it because they don’t have to worry about going flat on the ice during a rush. Even the best and most experienced ice skaters need to wear some kind of padding because they go down and up rapidly on the ice. In fact, if an ice skater doesn’t wear anything at all, his or her chances of sliding along the ice, getting tangled up in gear, and other things, are increased greatly. To be honest, ice skaters should wear knee pads just like everybody else.

Knee Pads For Skating

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Some skates come with extra padding, especially if you need it. However, you should only use these if you are an advanced skater and have already been playing for quite some time. Otherwise, stick with the traditional knee pads for skating that absorb impact as you land and that allow moisture to dissipate immediately upon impact instead of staying soaked up forever.

Next, let’s take a look at what you need to wear beneath your knee pads for skating. Wearing elbow pads, or any kind of padding for that matter, below your knee, is not a good idea. Why? Because you want to maximize your agility, pivoting, and cutting while moving. An elbow pad can easily get in the way of your pivoting, cutting, and turning, and you could end up injuring yourself as a result.

One other reason why wearing knee pads for skating isn’t advisable is because some skaters suffer from injuries that are directly related to wearing improper protective gear. This type of injury could include cuts and bruises, which could prevent the skater from properly pivoting and cutting. Injuries like these can lead to permanent damage, particularly if the injuries aren’t properly cared for upon recovery.

A Much Ado 

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Another example of why you shouldn’t wear knee pads for skating is if you happen to be a female skater. A big proportion of female skaters will sustain injuries to the lower-right quadriceps. (The muscle on the back of the upper leg.) The problem is that women often wear elbow pads for this exact reason, not realizing that the elbow pads can be causing unnecessary pain and injury.

Finally, remember that while there is an ongoing debate about whether you should wear foam pads or the more traditional kind made out of cotton or linen, you do have at least one advantage over those people who are sticking with cotton or linen – you can change your pads whenever the need arises. Knee pads for skating are designed to be worn a few times before washing them. But you can always change out your foam pad or elbow pads anytime you want to since they’re machine washable in warm water with a mild detergent.

Knee pads for skating don’t absorb impact well at all. If you find that you are constantly getting whiplash from landing awkwardly after a jump or stop, then you probably need knee pads with better absorption properties. Otherwise, you could end up with permanent damage to one or both of your knees.

That’s why you should look for pads that include either triple eight or five-finger adjustable straps. Adjustable straps are better absorbent than other types, which can be more susceptible to ripping and tearing during vigorous use. And padding with triple eight adjustable straps is much more durable than regular pads, which can tear after repeated washings. So, not only will you be more protected if you wear knee pads for skating, but you’ll be much more comfortable as well. The right protective gears, like knee pads for skating that are both superior to others and comfortable, will make the activity enjoyable and safe for you and your joints and knees. In short, you’ll avoid unnecessary pain and suffering.

Final Words 

The right knee pads for skating protect your knees from injury while simultaneously ensuring maximum flexibility and comfort. You want to be able to move freely without feeling restricted, yet still, be able to keep a firm grip on the ice. With a pair of skates with adjustable straps that include triple eight pads and protective gear that includes breathable mesh fabric and triple four adjustable straps, you have all the protection you need. Plus you get a comfortable fit that goes along with the pads. It’s time to leave your days’ pain behind and enjoy a day on the ice.

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