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What Is The Best Powered Skateboards

best powered skateboard

Skating has come a long way since its inception and the best powered skateboards have evolved quite a bit. With so many manufacturers on the market you are spoiled for choice. The most important thing to consider when buying a new board is what kind of effect you want to create. There are three main categories that define the best powered skaters

The Best Powered Skateboard: The most defining features of each are the trucks, deck size and the wheels. So what sets them apart? The biggest difference in the three is their approach to powering. Electric skateboards are generally powered by one or two powerful motors, whereas gas powered ones use a series of small internal combustion engines to create the power required.

An Overview

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In this category we have the All-Pro Power Station X-town, Kustom 2.5 and Kustom 7.5 Pro Series. The All-Pro is built on a durable aluminum frame with a full deck and rigid twin flex EVA foam for optimum shock absorption and braking performance. It has all the main features of the best-powered boards yet manages to be lighter and easier to ride thanks to its powerful motors.

The Kustom 2.5 and Kustom 7.5 are built around the same durable materials but employ different approaches to get the job done. The All-Pro has a simple and straight deck with large pockets for wheels and bearings. Kustom 2.5 has a deck that is narrower and deeper than the Pro and has large pockets for wheel bearings as well as wider wheelbase for increased stability. Its big draw comes from its durable quarter-sillarge construction that increases the life expectancy of the skateboard. The Kustom II also features a durable quarter-sillarge with a larger lip that helps it better maintain good air flow through its carbon fiber deck and a wide array of skateboard-specific features including oversized trucks, a longer tail, and concave profiles for optimal performance and stability.

Powdered Skateboard Facts

The second category is the Kustom Hydrogen Skateboards. This is a new breed of electric skateboard, which has fewer components and relies more on a single motor for everything from the drive system to the shock absorbers. The pros are few and far between with this type of board being more suited for aggressive skating where a smaller deck is more appropriate. The cons are that the higher speeds and longer distance require a bigger motor, which in turn means a larger and bulkier setup. For beginners this is a good option as well since getting the hang of using a bigger board takes longer.

The third category is the hiboy. The term ‘hiboy’ is actually an acronym for high horse. High heels are usually associated with professional skateboarding and the word “high” has connotations of speed and style. The boy is essentially a longboard that has a smaller deck.

The fourth and final option is the mini-hub motorized deck. This is basically an affordable electric skateboard with a hub motor mounted to the rear wheels. These boards offer great maneuverability along with long distance cruising thanks to their smaller size. The downside is that the hub motor does tend to be a bit loud and can be exhausting for long rides.

In The End

Currently these four types of motors are the most popular. Hobbyists enjoy the most range of choices and for almost anyone looking for a simple and inexpensive starter project, they fit the bill perfectly. Although the hub motors are quieter, larger and bulkier, they do not offer the same kind of power as the other two. They can however be used for more advanced or choreographed skating for people who like to spend time on their board instead of simply riding it. As skateboarders become more concerned about their ability to customize their boards, these will most likely see a lot more improvement.

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