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What Are The 4 Main Skateboard Parts And Accessories Skaters Really Need

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While you merely need your skateboard to skate, there are a few skateboard parts and accessories on the market that will help you. Even most of these items are for when you are not on your own and skating around the street; however, some of these accessories will aid you to learn how to skate safely.

Every passionate skateboarder needs to have a skate kit. Just like a first aid kit, which has medical supplies, the same way a skateboarding kit should possess all the supplies that you may require during a day of skateboarding on the streets and at the park.

So, if you are missing any of the skateboard parts and accessories from your list, don’t worry about it. We will help you ensure your skateboard stays in working order.

Let’s Take A Look At The Most Important Skateboard Parts And Accessories

Helmet And Safety Gear

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Safety first! There is nothing worse than harming itself when skateboarding. We suggest you using safety gear to avoid accidents in the future.  

Out of this, safety gear gives you confidence because you already know you are not going to hurt anymore and can do skateboarding fearlessly.  

Protect your head and other parts of a body with a helmet. Yes, protect your wrists by wearing pads to your knees and elbows. This is must to have tool for beginners!

Skate Tool

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Whether you are out in the streets or at the skatepark, a skate tool will help you in every situation. This type of tool is used to fit all the bolts and screws of your board and make it easy to swap out wheels, tighten trucks and establish an entire skateboard.

Every skater must have this tool at all times! The best part, skate tool is available at a low price. You can buy it from any local skateboard store around you, and it will be around $15 – $20.


No matter you are skating at a skate park or on the street, wax is a must-have product. No skater prefers sliding on a rail that is too crunchy or straight-up sticky. Wax is used on ledges and surfaces so that you can slide smoothly along the ledges with your trucks or board.

If you find yourself getting into grinds, then quickly losing speed, wax is certain to treat what troubles you. For use on ledges, rails, etc., just ensure you don’t add extra wax to the barrier you’re skating.

 Extra wax can injure you and be tough to remove. So, take a little is good.

Non-Abrasive Grip Tape

If you are new to skating and don’t want to spoil your shoes, use non-abrasive grip tape.

This is a rubber-made tape that effectively works with the rubber lining on your shoes, and you get the flick on your tricks.


So these are some necessary accessories which useful for every skater. No matter, you are an expert or beginner, because accidents meet without knocking on the door. Buy it today!

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