Vintage Skateboards Collection


Skateboarding is a sport which includes riding and doing tricks using a skateboard. The designs of the boards have been evolving with time. The classic vintage skateboards have better strength and attractive design. But people usually prefer classic vintage skateboards for collecting.

Multiple layers of maple wood are shaped to make skateboards. The maple wood has a plastic coating that makes the ride smoother and stronger. The concept of roller skates leads to the creation of skateboards. It is based on an idea of attaching the wheels of a roller skate on a wooden board. It is estimated that it began in 1950 from California.

vintage Skateboards
Vintage Skateboards

New Era Skateboard

A skateboard is an individual sport. It is played by moving the board with one foot on the board, and other feet are used to push the board. Therefore, it is very much difficult to control the speed of the board when it is running. Thus, with the improve in the design of skateboards, the breaks have also improved.

Moreover, the wheels come with suspensions so that it helps the rider balance on rough paths. Also, the board design attracts buyers. Board surface comes with attractive graphics that can attract the buyers. Some modern-day skateboards even have caved footrests on the surface of the board. This gives a better grip to the rider.

Vintage Skateboards

Old style hand-painted skateboards are a collection item in the new era of skateboards. They are being auctioned. And people to admire this art value them in up to six-figure amounts. Starting from the 1960s, till 1980s the skateboard designed during these periods are valued the most. These have become a home display artifact. Admirers of these sports use them as well as display them at there home.

Collecting Vintage Skateboards

Collectors look for brand, styles, and history related to the board for collecting. Powell Peralta is a brand most sought for by the collectors. This raised its brand value, and they sell expensive these days. Modern-day skateboards have gone under a lot of modifications over time. Thus there are several designs which depict the evolution of skateboard. These are collectors favorite items. Vintage boards were made like surfboards. Wood, plastic, and sometimes metal was used to make skateboards. 

Artwork in Skateboards

Original artwork on skateboards began in the 1980s. During this period the skateboard was designed by the skateboarders. These boards were the most popular among collectors. The condition of the skateboard also matters to the collectors. Vintage skateboards in good conditions are the most valuable collector’s item. Good condition means that it should be usable and not just worthy of display.

Vintage skateboards
Vintage skateboards

Moreover, many skateboards are considered unique due to their wheel design. Vintage boards were difficult to ride because of their wheel design.


Day by day skateboards is being modified for the ease of use. New designs, new wheels, and technology are added to them. Meanwhile, classic boards hold their place. Thus vintage boards have become a great collecting item.

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