Top Five Electric Skateboards To Buy -

Top Five Electric Skateboards To Buy

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Science has updated everything from little cameras to mighty aeroplanes and a skateboard is not an exception. Skateboards have been popular for a very long time. Electric skateboards are enhanced forms of traditional skateboards that look almost similar to the traditional one but can be controlled by wireless remote, besides rider’s skills of weight shifting. There are some electric skateboards that have bigger wheels and look a little different from traditional skateboards. They are usually called swap boards. Now, without wasting time let’s know about the top 5 electric skateboards. 

Teamgee H20

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Teamgee H20 with 26 mph top speed and 30% climbing capability is one of the top 5 electric skateboards. This striking electric skateboard has a seahorse remote control. It weighs little more than 21 pounds and can carry upto 286 pounds. It has a 38 inch long, 9 inches wide and 0.6-inch thick deck which is made up of 8 plies Canadian maple and 1 ply fibreglass. It takes 4 hours to fully charge the battery and the mileage is about 25 miles. This skateboard has 2*540W hub motors. The manufacturer provides a 90 days warranty policy with this skateboard.

Meepo V3 

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Meepo V3 is the manufacturer’s best product that comes in two inexpensive variants. Both the variants weigh little more than 17 pounds. This skateboard with 30% climbing capacity and 29 mph top speed becomes one of the top 5 electric skateboards. The battery takes 3 hours to get fully charged and the fully charged battery lasts for about 11-20 miles. The 540W*2 motors of these variants are also reliable ones. The deck is hard enough to carry upto 330 pounds. Meepo V3 is one of the most famous and high selling electric skateboards. 

Boosted Dual+

It is one of the fastest, enhanced technologized electric skateboards. This stylish electric skateboard has a 27 inch long and 10-inch wide deck and weighs about 15 pounds. It has a powerful 2000W motor with which you can climb steep slopes smoothly. The battery takes only one hour to get fully charged. The Bluetooth operated remote control of Boosted Dual+ is quite easy to use. This skateboard with a top speed of 22 mph and average mileage is one of the top 5 electric skateboards. 

Backfire Zealot

This electric skateboard is a more expensive one than others on this list, although it is a worthy one. This electric skateboard comes with 90 mm replaceable wheels, flexible bamboo and maple made deck. This electric skateboard with upto 28.5 mph speed and 22-mile range is one of the top 5 electric skateboards. It has 50.4V 311Wh cells and 2*750W high torque batteries that provide the pleasure of skating. The remote control

WowGo 3

This is an inexpensive great electric skateboard with a 38 inch long stiff enough deck. This skateboard with a top speed of 24 mph, 25% – 30% climbing capability and dual hub motors is one of the top 5 electric skateboards to buy. This lightweight skateboard which weighs about 17 pounds can hold upto 280 pounds. The two variants of this model come with 6 Ah or 8 Ah batteries.  

Bottom Lines

It’s quite interesting to watch a skilled person’s performance with skateboards. It requires lots of practice to become skilled in skateboarding. So now as you know about the top 5 electric skateboards, we hope you will be able to choose the best one for you.

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