The Difference Between Wireless And Juiced Electric Skateboard -

The Difference Between Wireless And Juiced Electric Skateboard

juiced electric skateboard

The Juiced Electric Skateboard is among the latest electric boards to arrive on the market, hailing mainly from northern neighbours namely Canada. However, they have just finished up their IndieGoGo fundraiser and are currently in the midst of fulfilment. This means that actual delivery will be underway by the end of October. If you’re interested in one of these boards or anything else, now is definitely the time to get in on it, as there are many sales available right now.

Juiced Electric Skateboard Boasts

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The Juiced Electric Skateboard boasts of a huge range of features and extras. For example, the deck is designed for skating in smooth environs, but with a twist – it can also be used outdoors. In other words, you can take it hiking, down a hill, through your neighborhood or through any recreational area, thanks to its lightweight construction. And thanks to the new dual axle system, the deck can be configured to handle different weight percentages, whether you’re going from flat to hills or from cruising to an extreme speed!

Juiced Electric Skateboard’s New Dual-axis Stabilizer System

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The Juiced Electric Skateboard’s new dual-axis stabilizer system makes it extremely easy to balance and distribute your weight while riding. The deck is further characterized by its durable frame, which is made from high quality materials. As for the deck itself, it features the same concave curve design seen on the originals. This means that the Juiced Electric Skateboard has a smaller overall footprint than some other similar electric boards, which helps make it easier to fold and store. And since most of its components are lightweight, the Juiced Electric Skateboard can be easily carried around. In terms of size, the deck is about nine inches wide, with the standard skateboard having a width of around thirteen inches.

How Many Hours Can The Juiced Electric Skateboard Hold Up To Intense Skating Conditions?

Well, the answer will surprise you. According to the manufacturers, the average battery can last up to twenty miles before the battery pack needs to be recharged. This makes the Juiced Electric Skateboard more than just an eco-friendly commuting tool. It also makes it an efficient travel device during intense sports activities and outdoor events.

If you really want to test out the durability of this amazing skateboard, then head over to the Toms River, New Jersey location for a demo. On a sunny Saturday afternoon, participants got to hop on a Juiced Electric Skateboard and hop as high as they could on its platform. One of the participants couldn’t help but notice the powerful motors powering the board, and he exclaimed “it’s got an attitude!” According to the makers, the electric skateboards sound like a jet aircraft. That’s because its blades are covered with carbon composite fibers, making the whole board extremely light weight.

At first glance, the electric skateboards look like ordinary skateboards, but they have two major differences. The first is the fact that Juiced boards are designed for extreme weather conditions, which have caused them to become stronger and more durable. The second is the fact that they use three types of batteries to give users more range of movement. The result is that Juiced electric boards have longer-lasting batteries and therefore, they can be used in any weather.

Wireless Remote Deck

While the brand name Juiced is synonymous with electric skateboards, the company also produces a similar type of product called the Wireless Remote Deck. The difference between the two is that the Wireless Remote Deck features a remote with built-in speakers. Unlike the juiced board, the Wireless Remote deck does not have carbon fiber outer layers. The wireless remote, on the other hand, is said to be more convenient because you do not have to deal with wires and cables all over your deck. The only thing you have to remember when using the wireless remote is to turn it on and off, so you know when you’ve finished using it.

Final Thoughts

Because they are designed to be lightweight and highly durable, juiced boards can actually be used almost anywhere. If you want to go snowboarding, you can bring your Juiced electric skateboard along with you. The deck’s durability is another advantage. It can handle bumps, bruises and falls without getting damaged. If you’ve never ridden an electric skateboard before, there is nothing like having someone show you the ropes. However, if you’re a pro, you probably already have a favorite brand of electric skateboards and simply need to choose from the wide selection available.

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