The Benefits Of A Modular Electric Skateboard Enclosure -

The Benefits Of A Modular Electric Skateboard Enclosure

A man riding a skateboard up the side of a road

One of the best investments you can make in your child’s skateboard riding experience is to install an electric skateboard enclosure. These enclosures will greatly reduce falls because there won’t be any exposed metal on the deck, and they will also protect the rider from wind and other trauma. Electric skateboard enclosures come in a variety of sizes and price ranges so that almost any budget can be accommodated. They can be purchased online or at local skateboard stores.

Things To Consider When Choosing Electric Skateboard Enclosure

A person riding a skateboard up the side of a road

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for an electric skateboard enclosure is safety. The enclosure should fit snugly against the board without moving or rubbing. It should also have straps or clasps to secure it around the rider’s waist. There are a number of safety measures included in many electric longboard enclosures including safety stops at the top and bottom of the deck to prevent falls. The deck itself should have two points to grab onto, and the frame of the skateboard should be made of a hard, sturdy material.

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Many parents who have a kid learning to ride the skateboard would much rather invest in a kit than an electric longboard enclosure because it is more affordable. There are also less expensive but less safe kits available for sale on the market today. You can build your own DIY electric skateboard enclosure by purchasing a plastic panel that is about six inches by twelve inches in size, and then cutting it to fit your child’s needs. Kits for making these enclosures are available on the internet or at most skateboarding retailers.

When deciding on which electric skateboard battery enclosure to purchase, you should consider where you plan to mount it. Most enclosures will mount securely on the truck, while others may require that you drill into your deck. If you decide to drill though the deck, it is a good idea to get an extra panel so that you can easily change out the batteries. In addition, if you decide to change the battery’s type, it is not a difficult task to do so. There are many different brands out on the market today, and if you have some knowledge of car and truck assembly it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out how to replace the battery.

How To Install

After installing your skateboard battery enclosure, you will want to make sure that it is properly installed. Check to ensure that all screws are tightened as tightly as possible, then screw on the front of the enclosure to secure it to the truck. Then you will want to attach the rear of the electric enclosure to the longboard with eight screws. This is usually a simple process that just involves making sure that everything is lined up correctly before tightening the screws.

For safety reasons, it is always a good idea to use a sturdy and heavy-duty skateboard enclosure. Most companies that sell these will let you purchase the enclosure at a discount price, which will save you a lot of money. Since the vesc should be able to handle at least two to three hours of weight, you will not have to worry about buying another one during the course of a skateboarding session. This allows you to practice for any upcoming competitions you may be planning on entering.

About  V Esc enclosure

Most of the time the V Esc enclosure will come with a longboard mount as well, but there are other companies that also sell these accessories separately. The advantage of purchasing the longboard mount separately from the vesc enclosure is that you can remove it and add other accessories to the set without having to completely rebuild the whole thing. Most people who start out with their first electric longboard build a full system, including a deck, trucks, wheels, bearings and more. This isn’t always necessary, but for those who plan to make extreme skateboarding part of their overall lobbying, it might be a good idea to include everything in the same box. It’s a good idea to keep all of your components in one box, especially if they’re not too big, so it will be easier to keep everything running together.


In addition to the many benefits that buying a modular electric skateboard enclosure has to offer, it will also save you money to buy it all together. When buying a complete longboard enclosure set, all of the parts will usually be sold at the same price. You will usually be able to save quite a bit of money by buying all of your parts as a set instead of individual pieces. If you already have some skaters, it’s a good idea to buy them a complete skateboard setup so that they have something they can grow into and use.

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