Skateboards: Different Types And Riding Styles -

Skateboards: Different Types And Riding Styles

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Many people consider a wooden board, a set of wheels, and a pair of trucks to be skateboards. But, the reality is that there are many differences and varieties available. Some longboards are larger and do not come with kick tails. Then, there are cruiser skateboards that feature flat surfaces. Skateboards are entirely different from cruisers and longboards.

The difference lies in the fact that cruisers are highly portable and are used for covering short distances; longboards are perfect for long commutes and skateboards can be used for different technical tricks. So, even though their parts appear the same, these devices are designed to serve various functions.

Skateboards: Different Types And Riding Styles
Skateboards: Different Types And Riding Styles

Points That Should Be Understood

There are some important points that users should understand prior to making their decision of buying a skateboard, a cruiser, or a longboard. The points are as follows:

  • Longboards feature inverted trucks.
  • There lie vast differences in length. Longboards measure 36 ″ and more; cruisers are between 25″ and 37″ and skateboards measure between 30 inches and 32 inches.
  • Longboards come with a 60 mm wheel size. Cruisers feature wheel sizes between 55 mm and 65 mm and skateboards have wheels measuring between 50 mm and 60 mm.
  • Longboards and cruisers have soft wheels.
  • Skateboards tend to be stiffer in comparison to the more flexible cruisers and longboards.
  • Cruisers and longboards all have varied shapes.
  • Longboards and cruisers have the ability of riding in rough surfaces.
  • They do not have a lot of momentum.

Understanding Skateboards, Cruisers, And Longboards

The regular skateboards are available in popsicle shape. They are perfect for performing technical skating and tricks. The street skaters generally prefer the boards that come with narrow decks while the bowl and vert skaters prefer wider decks. They feature a kick tail and a nose that can be used for flipping the deck and for jumping. There are classic that can be used for sliding over rails, for flips, and for grinding ledges. There are many who use them in the form of a fashion statement. In comparison to longboards and cruisers, they are not useful when it comes to transportation.

Longboards are tall, but they vary in size. You can find them in varied shapes meant for different functions. You can use them for long commutes and even for racing downhill. Longboards operate at extreme speeds and are perfect for developing skating skills. When compared to skateboards and cruisers, longboards come with different varieties of trucks.

Cruiser skateboards are for rolling around or commuting comfortably without putting in a lot of effort. They are available in varied sizes and shapes and are generally taller in comparison to the regular skateboards. They are lighter than longboards and make way for quick acceleration while providing complete comfort and balance.

Skateboards: Different Types And Riding Styles
Skateboards: Different Types And Riding Styles

Prior to deciding on what would be the right choice, it is essential for you to ensure what do you want from your board.

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