Skate Park: Rules Of Conduct To Follow -

Skate Park: Rules Of Conduct To Follow

Rules Of Conduct For Skaters At A Skate Park

Every skate park is designed for skaters to play, but the place can feel intimidating for the new skaters to join in. People who are new to skating, don’t know how to conduct or what to do at the skate park. It has probably ringed a bell on your head if you are new to skateboarding.

Wondering what the conducting rules are for the skate parks? How should you behave at skate parks? There are a few things that you have to engrave in your mind. These will help you to have a gala time in the park:

Rules Of Conduct For Skaters At A Skate Park
Rules Of Conduct For Skaters At A Skate Park

1. Be Honest With Skateboarding Skill At Skate Park

It’s absolutely okay if you are new to skateboarding. You are allowed to skate at the park and learn its tricks. But wait, don’t try something way beyond your capability immediately after joining. Don’t act as if you own it. Humility, even on a small scale is great. Most of the skate parks have few areas for beginner skaters- it is best to try out there first.

2. At Skate Park Keep Eyes On Your Stuff

Rules Of Conduct For Skaters At A Skate Park
Rules Of Conduct For Skaters At A Skate Park

Thieves are everywhere, and skate parks are not an exception. In these parks, you may encounter such people. If you bring any stuff other than a skateboard, then you have to aware of your belongings. If you have a backpack, you should put in a place where you can keep your eye on while trying your moves.

It is best if you don’t take anything with you if it is not required. Keep your valuable things at your home. Bring only your phone and wallet, keep them in pockets. Don’t bring too much cash, just how much you will need. Some master criminal can even take things out of your pockets, and you may not realize it. So be very careful with your items.

3. Wear Helmet

If you see that there is a sign shining with the words, “WEAR A HELMET” then don’t give a second thought and wear it. When you don’t wear a helmet and get caught, then you have messed it big time. Not only for yourself, but for all the skaters that come to down that skate park. Reason? They may probably close the park thanks to your irresponsibility. Or, they can hire security to keep a watch which may mean, the cost of skating in that park will higher.

It is best to wear a helmet always during skating as it may get save you from getting hurt badly.

4. Watch Out For Others

Rules Of Conduct For Skaters At A Skate Park
Rules Of Conduct For Skaters At A Skate Park

It doesn’t matter how good you are, be aware of other skaters. If you are going to think that they must not come in your way, then you are wrong. Yes, there will be some skaters who really don’t know what they have to do. If you are not aware, you may get hit by them accidentally. Any of you may break a bone or two. BE AWARE.

5. Get Back Up

In skateboarding, you will fall numerous times but always GET BACK UP. It will hurt obviously, but if you have broken no bones or fractured your spleen, stand up and clear the way. It disturbs others if someone falls and lays there in the center of the park. Call for help, if you get hurt.

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