Penny Skateboard Vs. Regular Skateboard -

Penny Skateboard Vs. Regular Skateboard

Penny Skateboard Vs. Regular Skateboard

Skateboarding is an exciting and fun sport that almost any individual can try. Among the different varieties of skateboards available in the market, you will find the penny skateboard. There are many people and even avid skateboarders who do not have much idea about penny boards. But, the majority of the time it happens that people get confused between choosing regular decks and the ones available in varied styles and performance levels.

So, first things first, if you are in the lookout of a board that is perfect for commuting, then going for a penny would work for you. These are small skateboards that are light in weight and highly portable. Nevertheless, these are not ideal for taking up skating challenges.

Penny Skateboard Vs. Regular Skateboard
Penny Skateboard Vs. Regular Skateboard

Difference Between Regular And Penny Skateboards

Regular skateboards are specially designed boards made using polyurethane coating or wood. These are materials or components that make way for smoother slides and also enhance the durability of the board. The majority of the regular skating boards of the present times feature seven piles of good quality wood. They also have features like trucks, wheels, and a deck. Here the deck is a part of the board that allows you to stand and control your balance. Decks used in regular skateboards are available in concave shape with upturned tail and nose. Such decks provide complete control of the board movement while performing tricks.

On the other hand, penny skating boards are made using plastic. They are well-known as short cruisers in the industry for skateboarding. These boards feature several parts that are made separately. Users can buy them as complete boards that are fully assembled or as separate components that need to be assembled. When compared to regular skateboards, these are lighter mainly because of their plastic material. Nevertheless, despite their lightweight, these items come with the assurance of being strong. You will get them in varied colors and designs, which is also a reason behind their great popularity.

Penny Skateboard Vs. Regular Skateboard
Penny Skateboard Vs. Regular Skateboard

Benefits Of Using Penny Skateboards

Now that you are clear on the difference between a regular board and a penny board, it is time for you to get a hint of the advantages of using penny boards. The benefits are as follows:

  • Penny boards are perfect for all those beginners who are in the lookout of lightweight and portable skateboards.
  • These boards are light in weight and portable, which means they can easily be carried from one place to another. They can conveniently fit into bags and are also suitable for performing tricks and for cruising.
  • These skateboards have larger wheels in comparison to the typical skateboards. This makes it easier for users to handle cracks and curbs. They also work fine for cruising and carving.
  • These skating essentials are perfect for individuals who are looking to achieve stability when skateboarding at high speed. The board is less prone to speed issues and has a truck in good design.

As a type of skating deck, the penny board is a great choice, especially for people who want to master this sport within a very short span of time.

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