How To Become A Professional Skater -

How To Become A Professional Skater

How Can You Be A Professional Skater?

Many associations are trying to define the hierarchy of a skater. To cross the line between the novice and professional, one has to earn his/her living as a skateboarder. It means that one has to be really great. He/she must be able to attract the right attention for the organization. So, they get a better return as they invest in the skater. To reach there, one has to take some necessary steps.

How Can You Be A Professional Skater?
How To Become A Professional Skater

1. Better Yourself As Skater

You have to better than the rest, and there is no shortcut. You have to become very good at skateboarding to attract any potential sponsors. The more and more you skate, the more tricks will be in your skillset. In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell has stated that to achieve mastery over any skill, one has to put 10,000 hours of practice. For skateboarding also, that estimation is true. You have to dedicate time for practicing to improve skills. Set aside at least 2 hours daily to practice skateboarding and make it a daily routine. You can skate around the city instead of taking a car to add up the hours.

2. Take Good Care Of Your Health

If you want to be a professional, you have to be consistent with your performance. It is true that in skating injuries are common. But, try to keep yourself away from illnesses or potential injuries as it may lead to long layoffs.

There is a dilemma that root inside a skater. Some feel that to become great, one has to risk his/her health and do dangerous tricks. But a professional skater knows that any serious injury can end his/her career. Small steps are best to keep the risk factors in control. Always opt for safety gears while skating.

3. Connect With Other Skaters

Get yourself connected with your local skate community. They will encourage you a lot. The community will be beside you in your success and spread the news everywhere. You can also participate in various competitions where you can showcase your skills. When you perform in front of the representatives of skateboard companies, they will notice you.

The exposure and experience you gain while competing will determine your opportunities, later on. When you perform in front of audiences in an event, pressure builds up. The way you overcome these pressures and perform, sponsors notice that.

Apart from that in the community, you will get like-minded people. With these people, you can become great friends.

4. Build An Image & Following As Skater

Take out some time to build your image, after your results in competition proves your ability. In public places, wear the right clothes. Even if you fall, get back up on your feet with a confident smile. Notice, during your performance, does the audience feel connected to you? Successful skateboarders can make the spectators crazy with their astonishing skills. They have bright personalities that no one can ignore.

How Can You Be A Professional Skater?
How Can You Be A Professional Skater?

Build a fan base and sponsors will follow you. Your large following will attract the brands. Use social media platforms to share your tricks and tips. Establish an engaging follower base, and sponsors will definitely call you for brand deals.

5. Work On It

After you win some competitions and having a good follower base, sponsors are going to approach you. You can also introduce yourself to various brand representatives where you participate as a competitor. You can also email the skate companies.

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