Electric Skateboard Deck Styles – How to Choose the Best One For You

best electric longboard

Electric longboards are sweeping the board world and they’re changing the way riders look at longboarding forever. First, there was the Freeline longboard that broke all of the rules, then there was the Sector 9 boards that were simply incredible. But now, there are electric longboards that will make the pros green with envy and give them all the power they could ever want. Let’s take a look at what we think the best electric longboard in the world is…

Best Electric Longboards

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#1 on our list is the Meepo V3! With rave reviews, a solid reputation, and specs which will most likely meet 99% of all rider’s expectations, Meepo V3 earned the title of best electric longboard overall. In fact, it’s not even fair to call it a longboard anymore – riders are going hybrid and getting themselves some serious tail riding power. And, since they’re getting that with a battery that won’t put a dent in their wallet, this little board is pretty sweet.

#2 on our list of best electric longboards is the Boost Pod 2.8. While it may not be nearly as fast as the Freeline, it is noticeably faster than most other longboards out there. This little board packs a wallop, and you can feel the ride in your back yard. The boost feature helps this little gem go even faster when you need it most, and they have a slight delay when releasing the traction that keeps you locked in and makes your tail stay where you belong.

#3 on our list of best electric skateboards is the Boost Mobile RC Truck. There aren’t many boards that can lay claim to being able to go from flat to over-the-top, and then back again without getting your butt off the seat. This little beast can handle up to 48 volts of power, so you can be sure that wherever you go on your outdoor escapades, there will be enough juice to give you a good ollie or drop! The built-in lithium polymer battery is also a nice feature, and you don’t even have to use an electrical outlet to power this sweet toy.

#4 on our list of best electric longboards is the Kustom Motors Obsidian. This is a little board that has been designed for speed. It comes with a powerful lithium polymer motor that can reach speeds up to 32 amps, and has four speed settings for you to enjoy. The tail is extremely responsive, and while it may not have some of the responsive features of some other boards, it is definitely a work horse for anyone who wants speed!

Our second best electric longboard on the market is the Velocity Traction Deck. This board rides great and has all of the same benefits that you would find from a normal deck. It comes with two sets of wheels that are great for carving, as well as non-slip rubberized decking for maximum stability. One thing that it does have that other boards do not is a built-in throttle, which is a real bonus for those of us who like to take things a little faster!

The last on our list for best electric longboard is the Maple Woodie deck. This board is a favorite of many because of its unique look, and for good reason. The maple wood it is made out of is very durable and looks great. You can get this deck in almost any color (if you want), and it weighs just over 300 pounds total when it is folded up! This makes it extremely easy to transport, which is a real bonus if you are going to be riding around the city a lot.

End Note

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These are just a couple of examples of what you can find out there, so keep your eyes open when you are looking around. Another great way to get an idea of which electric longboarding deck style will work best for you is by taking a trip down to your local skate shop. There they will be able to show you all of their different options and show you what will work best for you. Remember that it’s all about choice, so be sure to take your time and choose carefully.

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