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A Best Seller Genesis Electric Skateboard

genesis electric skateboard

Genesis electric skateboard comes in three colors; it is super flexible and thin.

It does look not only good but also feels great while riding with brushless motors. For power management, a motherboard is given with a long-lasting rechargeable battery. It has a hill grade of 15 degrees which means that it will do all the uphill work for you easily. It comes at a low price and also offers excellent features and reliable support.

Features Of Genesis Electric Skateboard

A man riding a skateboard up the side of a building

* Colour ranges available are orange, green, and black.

* It has 20 miles per hour maximum speed.

* It has a range of 20miles.

* It has a 260W*2 brushless motors.

* Weighing 17pounds

* Having wheel size of 3.5*2 inches refined polyurethane.

* it has a dimension of 42*8.5*5 inches.

* It comes with a warranty

Caution Of Using The Genesis Electric Skateboard

A man riding a skateboard down the side of a ramp

Genesis electric skateboard is made of graded eight layers and finds Maple wood from Canada, and having a length of 42 inches and 8.5 wide. The battery is located in an aluminum housing coated with a black, and it also has the motherboard secured with battery pack screws. The board is super stylish and has 36 grit grip tape with the Genesis logo printed on it. The measure is used to confirm that the Deck is in good condition with no cracks or other chips or breaks. Keep a regular check if it breaks or functioning properly, that the tires are securely attached, and rotates smoothly. The skateboard should be maintained in a good way. When you ride the skateboard, always check and obey any local laws or regulations that may affect the electric skateboard locations. Keep the skateboard safely away from the cars and motor vehicle traffic all the time. Only use the same with proper training  and with caution. You need to wear proper protective equipment like a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads while riding an electric skateboard, wearing authentic shoes, and keep shoelaces tied so that they don’t come in the way of the drive system. Never ride it barefooted or in sandals or flip- flops. The charger you use with Genesis electric must be regularly examined for any damage to the cord, plug, and other parts. In case of any damage, the electric skateboard should not be charged until a suitable technician has repaired the charger. Permanently remove the skateboard from the charger before wiping down and cleaning your skateboard with a damp cloth.


Do not ride the genesis electric skateboard in poor weather or at high speed where you cannot control an unpowered longboard. In the case of wireless interference or battery fault, you may need to depend on skating techniques like foot braking or sliding to stop, as you may experience a loss-breaking function, but also it has secure grip tape, which assures you that sudden breaks will not make you fall.

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