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8 Amazing Skatepark Across The World

8 Amazing Skatepark Across The World

A few years ago skateboarders were restricted to vacant streets and had to search for empty swimming pools for skating. The idea of something like a skatepark was alien to the skaters. Today things have changed for better, and one can come across many newly constructed rails and ramps in all major urban cities and small towns. Some of these skateparks are most celebrated among skating enthusiasts due to their massive size and unique features. Let’s take a tour of some of the fantastic skateparks of the world.

Burnside Skate Park, Portland

The name of the park comes from Poland’s Burnside Bridge that lays across the Willamette River. This park sits right under the bridge, which is the most practical location considering wet north-west Pacific weather. Some of the renowned skaters from across the world come here to perfect and practice their tricks.

Louisville Extreme Park

Louisville Extreme Park is situated near Louisville Waterfront and is accessible 24 hours a day. It stationed on the 24-foot large pipe and sports street-style area, vert ramps along with transition sections which allow skaters to use all types of features in the same place.

Marseille Skate Park

Marseille Skate Park in France is one of the best skate parks in Europe. Its massive structure with a variety of features such as vert ramps, deep bowls, and unique landscape attracts a large number of skaters. It also features a smaller section for in-experienced skaters.

Skate Park Galit, Tel Aviv, Israel

This park is the first-ever concrete skateboarding park build by a local enthusiast with the assistance of a professional architect in Israel. Its ramps, bowls and the street-skating area were a success among local skaters. This initiated a nationwide trend, and several similar skate parks emerged across the nation.

8 Amazing Skatepark Across The World
8 Amazing Skatepark Across The World

Shaw  Millennium Skate Park, Calgary, Canada

Shaw Communications sponsored and constructed Shaw Millennium Skate Park. Calgary’s recreational department looks after its administration. This park sports unique features like a towering full pipe, stairs, rails, bowls, and transitions.

Skatehelle Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Skatehelle Berlin is an indoor skating complex with amazing features like a giant halfpipe and a 10-foot wall ride that attract skaters from across the continent. It also sports towering ramps along with the street area that includes, stairs, rails, and many other excellent features. Skatehalle also hosts contests along with the photo and video shoots. It also holds skateboarding workshops for beginners in German and English from time to time.

Venice Beach Skate Park

Venice Beach skatepark stands near the shore of one of the most popular beaches in America. This skate park is a million-dollar facility which spreads across 16,000 square feet area. It includes facilities like a snake run, two bowls, and a great street course. Helmets and pads are mandatory for all skaters. Unlike many other skateparks, bikes are not permitted here, and this gives this skatepark upper hand over the others.

Lake Cunningham Skate Park

This park is situated in San Jose, California. The 68,000 square meter facility is one of its kind. It sports world’s tallest walls and full pipe along with the largest cradles. It also consists of street section and bowls that are designed in a way that allows you to transit from one feature to another without losing flow.

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