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5 Factors To Buy Boosted Electric Skateboard

boosted electric skateboard

The Boosted Mini X remains very important, given all the portability that comes with a small skateboard. This little board is just a little lightweight at 16.8 pounds than its bigger sibling, the Boosted Dual+. Which means an extraordinarily dense system that is very tedious to sustain when you walk through an area such as the subway, where skating isn’t an alternative.


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The deck is one of the most eye-catching features. You must pay close attention to the materials used in the deck. Since a deck is called boring if it is not made of high-quality materials.

The boosted mini X electric skateboard has a high-quality deck made of fibreglass and outstanding grip tape to hold you in place. It has a concave outline and a pretty nice appearance.

2.Wheels and truck

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The trucks are able to transform easily because they are adjustable. How satisfied you are with the tightness rate depends on the journey. The wheels are relatively soft, which allows them to withstand road imperfections and travel more smoothly and quickly. The most thrilling feature is that a pair of wheels on the board are motorised. This raises the required speed and provides a perfect and smooth ride.


This mini compact electric skateboard is suitable for experienced skateboarders. Whose pace can provide you with a memorable experience. And the price of this Boosted Mini X is within the budget, and it is ideal for a variety of situations. You can view either the used or brand new state if you choose. On Amazon, prices vary from $549 to $2,197.


As annoying as this can be, the board is substantial, which is just what it should be.The Boosted Mini X has an approximate distance of 14 miles on one fee, so that you can skate the whole San Francisco Rim without having to attach it potentially.

5.Weight and size

How this board is costly if you do not pull in the engine is the advantage of the grade-to-weight ratio. You can use the Boosted Mini for regular skateboards if you are a short distance or if you are running low on juice. This was not a good thing for any of the first boosted board users, and if you just started your next goal, it is great to have this alternative.


The boosted skateboard brand is growing day by day with their electric skateboard. And almost all of the features are useful for a smoother riding experience. If you’re looking for a low-cost electrical board, I suggest the boosted mini S.

I hope this boosted electric skateboard analysis is useful when purchasing, as I have covered all facets of electric mini-boards and tested one of their top-tier boards to ensure consistency and dependability. If you like skateboarding, get it as soon as possible and enjoy the great running.

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