3 Most Popular And Classic Skateboard Tricks Ever

best skateboard tricks ever

First of all, it is important to note that the Paris Hilton Ollie is a reverse ollie. This means you will be starting from a higher than normal kick point, which can be done by starting with your back foot and pushing off with the front toe.

Once you have lifted your back foot, simply flip your front heel over to the inside and you will be in a great position to launch the trick. If you cannot get your back foot to be straight, then you may need some help from a spotter.


Of course, there are many other great skateboard tricks that are hard to do and impossible to master, but that does not mean that they are not great to learn. One such trick is thechini, which is similar to the Paris Hilton Ollie in the sense that it is a reverse ollie, but it is harder to execute. Basically, an alligator or a chunk of an object is kicked out in between you and your board. In order to complete this trick, you need to start from a stationary position on the board with your back foot and kick out the object or whatever is in between you and the ground. However, this trick is harder to execute than the Paris Hilton Ollie.

Another of the more difficult skateboard tricks is the skateboard tricks that have to be executed at moderate speed. As a general rule of thumb, if it is not too difficult to execute then you should not attempt it. On the other hand, if you can execute the hardest of these tricks in moderate speed then it is probably something you could try.

The Kickflip

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The first of the three most difficult skateboard tricks is the kickflip. In order to perform the kickflip, you must have good control of your board and be able to execute a fast turn in the mid-air. What you need to remember when performing the kickflip is to keep your legs in the same position as your front foot. If you try to kickflip with your front foot right behind your left leg, then you will only end up doing a ninety degree kickflip and chances are you won’t even be able to finish the trick.

The second hardest of the three tricks to execute is the fakie. In order to pull off the fake, you need to have a firm base and be able to balance on your front foot, just like when you are doing the kickflip. To perform the fakie, simply kick your back foot forward as hard as you can and pull your front foot up as far as you can. This will create an arch in your midsection and will make it much easier for you to achieve an extremely hard and crisp turn during your jump.

The Half-Hour Glass

The last trick on the list is the half-hour glass. This trick is relatively new on the skateboarding scene and has become extremely popular amongst skaters of all ages. The half-hour glass is performed by turning while in mid-air, pivoting on one foot, then quickly turning the other foot and doing a 360 flip.

This trick requires you to make sure that your whole body is perfectly still and that you are rotating at the exact same speed as your upper body, so if you happen to lose your balance or find yourself pivoting incorrectly on one foot while performing the half-hour glass, then it is not a good idea to try to do the trick again.

Final Words

These are the three most popular and classic skateboard tricks that anyone can perform. If you really want to be a serious skater, then you need to master these three classics. They will get you from point A to point B, so don’t even think about trying to do any other obscure tricks on the market. Master the three basic and popular tricks first, then start working on your more obscure ones!

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